Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"I have an idea..."

I really should have known better. There I was, minding my own business, when Sara sends me that message. There was this tiny voice that said: "Nuuuuuuu!", but no matter. The idea? Cans. Mysterious cans. It works like this. Meg and I pick out 7 cans, tear the labels off, and mail them to Sara and Mike. They do the same. Then, every day for a week, you cook dinner and open a mystery can. You can put it in your food, cook it in some other dish, or just eat it crying over the sink. You just have to eat 50% of whatever horror lies within.

This is a good idea!

The problem? Anything can be in them cans. You may be thinking that it isn't that scary...But have you ever really looked at what can go into cans? Have you ever been to the Asian market?

This would have actually been pretty rad.

Picture the worst nightmare you've ever had. You woke up, sweating and ill, and tried to forget it ever happened. Well, if you were Asian, you would have put that shit into a can and shipped to good old America.

In Asia, Cans eat you!

So join us, dear readers, as we post stories of our incredible journey through the world of canning. Over the next week, you'll get two posts a day of the terror and wonder of four people eating things that probably should have remained safely sealed away...

1 comment:

  1. You guys are hilarious... and brave. I am telling you right now, I would never do this. Call me a pansy (or knowing you guys, something far worse!), but food is one of those things I cannot mess with. But I this is seriously funny shit, so thank you for your sacrifices!

    Bon Appetite!